naid certified Document collection & paper shredding

Secure Document and Paper Shreddingsecure document shredding services

For your convenience, bring your documents and personal papers to a local event, and personally feed your documents into our locked collection containers. The container remains locked until the material is ready to be shredded, at which time, a NAID Certified Shred Technician will process the contents by shredding it at our wharehouse. A certificate of shredding will be sent to you once the material has been shredded. All paper material is pulped down and recycled.We provide this service at a cost of only $10.00 per banker box (16" x 10" x 12") and offer discounts for larger quantities.. NAID Certified Document Shredding Services




For more information about Document/paper shredding or eWaste Fundraising call us at: (510) 590-7510